Texas Hold ’em Tournaments Start at noon and 6 pm. Starting at $30 entry fee.


Each player receives two down cards as their initial hand (hole cards).

There is a round of betting after these cards have been delivered.

Three board cards are turned simultaneously (flop) and another round of betting occurs.

The next two board cards are turned one at a time with a round of betting after each one(turn and river). These are community cards and after the final round of betting has been completed, a player may use any combination of five cards (one from their hand and four from the board, etc.).

Player with the dealer button is the last to receive card and has the last action. Blinds are posted before the player looks at his cards. Players post blinds in consecutive order clockwise from the button.

Action is initiated on the first betting round by the player on the immediate left of the person who posted the furthest blind clockwise from the button. On all subsequent betting rounds, the first active player clockwise from the button begins the action.

No player can come between blinds. A player may play the board, but must still show both hole cards.

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